Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love that the new year started out on a Sunday. It felt like a new beginning.

On January 1 Richard got all the Christmas decorations down from the outside and made enchiladas for dinner.

I started using my new steam cleaner. We've lived in this house 8 years and had the rugs professionally done probably 5 times, but it costs $100 each time. My steam cleaner cost $200.00 and I've already used it 5 times. I like that I can do a whole room or spot clean. It's light and durable. We have three cats and a dog and besides the cats having hair balls, they shed like you wouldn't believe. I was amazed at how much cat hair the steam cleaner got up and that was AFTER I had vacuumed too.

Love my new tea pot!

Our block has started a Neighborhood Watch.

I broke my nose! The only other bones I've broken were a couple fingers, while playing volleyball and  my wrist by falling on the ice, but that was back in high school. I hear you asking...HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Well, let me tell you....

I was playing with my dog, Menlo. He was running through the house crazily. He was barking and nipping at me and then as we rolled on the bed....he moved his head quickly and SMACK! Right in the nose. I got an instant headache, I saw stars and blood poured out my nose. I know they can't do anything for a broken nose, so I decided just to let it heal as is.

Bought a new toaster oven...isn't it pretty!

My niece, Julie, had her second child, which is the 7th great-grandchild for my parents.

Learned that I have awesome friends, my 7 siblings are more amazing then I originally thought and that my father is the strongest man I have ever known!!!! I love you Daddy!

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