Friday, December 16, 2011


My son has ALWAYS been a little nervous around men. It takes him a LONG time for him to warm up to them.

Two examples: He's known Pa-Pa since the day he was born, but will still only let Pa-Pa kiss his head and isn't too wild about sitting next to him, either. They play together, but Sam is still hesitant. Sam will give our VERY FRIENDLY neighbor, Bill, fist bumps, will talk to him and smiles, but forget any other types of contact. We always have to reassure Sam that the men we see are "good guys" ( police men, firemen, the paster, his uncles...... otherwise he hides behind us and is scared.) Now women on the other hand HE LOVES!!!!

Anyway...I am telling you this side story because Sam and I have been discussing Santa a lot lately. Now that he is three the concept is a little more clear ( mud). I've told him that Santa flies in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He is magical and can fit down the chimney. That when Sam is sleeping Santa sneaks in and puts presents under the tree for Jesus's birthday, eats the cookies and milk we leave him and then leaves.

We have seen Santa's helpers at the mall and watched Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town together which has brought up a lot of questions from Sam.

Sam: "Why is Santa so fat?" Ma-Ma: "He eats a lot of cookies."
Sam: "Where does Santa live?" Ma-Ma: "At the North Pole, where there is a lot of snow."
Sam: "Can I ride the reindeer?" Ma-Ma: "No, because they only come when you are sleeping."
Sam: "Can I talk to Santa?" Ma-Ma: "No, you, can only write to him."

Sam has told me that we have to turn the gas fireplace off when he goes to bed so Santa won't get burned. I've told him that Santa doesn't come until Christmas Eve and I showed it to him on the calendar, but, as you well know, time concepts are a little fuzzy for three year olds, so, we just turn off the fireplace when he goes to bed.

Finally, to the point of my story....

Yesterday, as we were getting ready for bed, I walked by and turned off the fireplace. Here is the conversation that followed:

Sam: No, Ma-Ma, leave it on."
Ma-Ma: Why, Sweetie?
Sam: Santa will EAT me!
Ma-Ma: No, Sam. Santa won't eat you. He's a 'good guy.' Remember he brings you presents.
Sam: And then he eats me.
Ma-Ma: No, Baby. He's a good guy. He loves children. He leaves you sleeping in your bed, puts the presents under the tree and leaves. Then he goes to other little kids houses and leaves them presents.

........AND THE PUNCH LINE.....WAIT FOR IT......

Sam: And then he eats them.

I'm hoping as the days go on I can convince Sam that Santa is indeed a "good guy" and will not eat anyone!

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