Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came!

Sam woke up at 5:30 this morning. "Ma-Ma! Look Santa brought presents!"
Sam was so excited when he came into the living room and saw that the tree that once had no presents under it now looking like this.
He said, "The reindeer weren't nice. They pooped on the porch."
Santa even put toys in Sam's stocking.
Santa drank the milk and ate almost all the cookies, but he forgot his hat.
Sam wanted us to help open some of the presents because...note to Santa for next year...there was too much tape.
We love CARS 2!
Look at all the movies we he got.
Daddy looks more excited then Sam in this one.
Lots of little things to hold our attention.
Sam loves tools.
Here are the things that Richard has to build.
We love the drill and our new HOME DEPOT work bench.
Daddy is building a car.
We now have 3 different Chuggington tracks. These two and...
....this big one! It came with NINE batteries!
My favorite is the TOSS ACROSS game.
All the chaos!
Sam checking out the SMURF village.
Sam got these from us. I've kept these characters, the mushroom house and Gargamel's castle since I was little.
We ended up with 4 bags of trash at the end. Now everyone is napping!

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