Monday, November 7, 2011


10. But Honey, you don’t work, you just take care of the kids.

9. This chicken is soggy. Next time just go out and get KFC.

8. As a matter of fact, she DOES look great in that skirt. And no, it would not look good on you, your hips are too big.

7. I have some great news … I took our tax return and bought a motorcycle – but don’t worry, it’s an 'investment'.

6. Why do we need to decorate the bedroom? Nothing ever happens in there anyway.

5. Yes dear, if you were to die I WOULD remarry.

4. You go on to church with the kids, I have some important stuff to do this morning.

3. I have to cancel our date this Saturday night, the Bulls are in the playoffs.

2. No, you can’t go shopping this week, I lost too much money in the March Madness Pool.

1. You’re right, that does make you look fat.

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