Sunday, October 9, 2011


I can just turn the matter over to the Lord, trusting Him to work out all things for good regardless of what happens.

Wondering, indecision and confusion prevent an individual from receiving from God, by faith, the answer to his prayer or need.

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Chelose said...

Thanks for this word. I was about to make a foolish decision against God. U are God sent. I punched yr blog by error from I am 24 weeks pregnant and hypertensive. I been taking a nap contemplating consulting a pastor from a controversial church abt my sickness. When I fell pregnant after 7yrs I was praying to God never got help from anyone. The day I was fertile I had a dream from God telling that I was going to hv a baby. Now that I am sick why do I want to avoid the God who brought me to this? Thanks for yr inspired message. It's my message from God. I dont know who u are but as a child of God I love you & continue to write what God inspires you.