Friday, September 9, 2011

And another week slowly sets....

My week started with a boy in my first period, 7th grade AP math class, "Molasses," cursing me out. I told him they needed him in the office. When he asked me why and I told him I didn't know, his response was, "@#%$-YOU" and he walked out!

Then in my 4th period, 7th grade math class. I have two students, "SLEEPY" and "SLOW BOY," (his speed in doing anything, not his academic ability) who are extremely passive aggressive. They DOWNRIGHT, refuse to open their book, do the classwork, participate in the lesson, talk to me, or do anything else that I ask of them. "SLEEPY," actually puts his head on this desk, shuts his eyes and falls asleep. In my opinion, noncompliant, defiant students should be removed from the classroom, until a parent can come in for a conference. Taking baby steps (warning, 2 detentions, call home, see principal etc...) with these kids just sends the wrong message to the others. Some behaviors just can't be ignored.

In the middle of the week I find out from a former coworker that a 5th grade position was opening at a school very close to my old school, where a bunch of the old staff ran to (I say "ran" because they, and me included, got out as soon as we could and we didn't look back.). With how "taxing" 7th grade has been, I was very tempted to got back to what I was familiar with. Even with all the stress, I think the change is good for me, so I am staying put.

Then at the end of the week I find out that the governor of our state, Susana Martinez, wants 75% of a teacher's pay to be based how well the children do on the standardized testing. Are you kidding me?! Has anybody in power read anything on how great performance pay works in the teaching profession. Not only that, but what some teachers will resort to if it actually goes into affect. Have they even looked at other cities like maybe Chicago, to see how great (dripping with sarcasm...) it has worked there? Why can't THE POWERS THAT BE do a little research, instead of just implementing something and "wingin' it" to see how it goes.

On a high note...Sam loves his BIG BOY BED!

He has been doing great. He has fallen out only once. Then one morning, as Richard was just waking up, he heard Sam calling him from the living room. Richard found him sitting on the couch. "Daddy, I'm ready for a movie." Thank God our house is tightly baby proofed. Other then that, Sam has been a trooper and stays in until we get him up.

Even with planning, correcting papers, and chores to catch up on....I love the weekends. I hope you all enjoy yours.

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happymomof2 said...

YIKES!!!! 75% that is CRAZY that even 1% would be based on that let alone 75%!!! Well I hope they come to their senses, and soon.
Enjoy your weekend:)