Saturday, August 20, 2011


My back hurts, my feet hurt, my book bag is full, my to-do list is a page and a half long, my desk is a mess and I'm overwhelmed with everything I have to learn. I survived the first week.

My first period, 7th graders are the accelerated group. There are quite a few gifted kids in this class. They get bored easily. With this group I will have to stay on my toes and keep it moving at a quick pace. There are a few talkers, but above all a good group to have first thing in the morning.

My 6th grade, period two group, started at 27 kids and is now down to 20, due to no shows, and they are like little bunny rabbits hiding for cover. I'm going to have a fun time with them. They just want to please and ask tons of questions, which I love. THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN!

Period three, yearbook, started at 14 and is now down to 6. This is a good thing. They ones that are left are really excited, I have two GREAT artists and a couple of computer nerds too. I also get to buy new cameras.

The last group of the day is another group of 7th graders. I only have 20 in this group. THANK GOD! They are the opposite of my first period kids. They do not like math, have very low skills and, from what I have heard, they did not have a good experience with math last year. I gave a 25 question basic multiplication test ( 5 x 4, 9 x 2 etc) on Friday and a third of them didn't pass it. I'm actually going to have to start with multiplication, long division and decimals. Their are a few that compensate for their poor skills by acting out. This group will be my challenge this year.

The other issues:

* The periods in the day have weird start/end times so they are difficult to remember....11:42-12:27.
* The high school kids get out a half hour before our kids so they hang out and cause problems.
* The kids get trained on the yearbook program on Monday, but after that we are stuck until they find me some computers.
* Their aren't enough books for all the kids to have their own.
* The air conditioning hasn't been working.

Time to get ready for week 2!

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Connie said...

Sounds like this year will be a challenge, but also a wonderful opportunity. Looking forward to hearing about things as they evolve!