Friday, August 12, 2011


We've just finished 3 days of meetings, orientation, registration and professional development. My brain is full, but I feel good!

Every day I feel more confident in my decision to move to a new school.

The people I work with are great!

The principal REALLY seems to know what he is doing!

Systems are in place and things are organized.

Every day we had professional development we were given time in the afternoon to digest what we had learned.  

I did not feel like I had been stuffed full to the point of puking......with no direction or resources...having no idea of how I would accomplish all I had been directed to do........having more questions then answers.... wanting, nothing more then, to run away and hide under a rock until the end of the year.....or perhaps start drinking heavily....UUUGGGHHH! 

It was just a nice satiated feeling. Aaaaahhhhh......

I am surprised that I feel this way when you consider that:

I am using a math curriculum...I have never used.
I am using a document camera...I have never used.
I am using a grading system...I have never used.
I am using a computer program for Yearbook...I have never used.
I am using student lead conferences...I have never used.

I love that my daily/weekly schedule will look like this:

1st Period 8:19-9:45: 7th Grade Accelerated Math
2nd Period 9:49-11:04: 6th Grade Math
11:08-11:38 LUNCH
3rd Period 11:42-12:27: SKINNY: Yearbook...M-Th, Advisory (for student led conferences)...Fri
4th Period 12:31-1:46: 7th Grade Math
5th Period 1:50-3:05: Prep...M,W,Fri, PLC (professional learning communities)...Tues, PD (professional development)...Thurs

I have one more full day to plan on Monday and then the kids come on Tuesday. I'm sure there will be PLENTY of challenges, but right now...I am feeling like I could concur the world!!!!!


Helen said...

Sounds wonderful!

Connie said...

Keep that momentum!