Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We are finishing up our third week in school and right now:

* FIRST PERIOD (7th grade): two students are FAILING and one with a D (23 students total) and this is the accelerated group! All of this is from failure to turn in assignments. I have called their parents.

* SECOND PERIOD (6th grade): three students are FAILING and four students with a D (20 students total)! Two of the D students and two of the F students will be moved next week to a lower level math program and that teacher will give me four of her high students. Of the one F and two D students left, they have some language barrier issues that I need to address and I still need to call their parents.

* FOURTH PERIOD (7th grade): five students are FAILING and two students with a D (20 students total)! I have called four of these families already. Of these, one has Spanish speaking parents, so I'll need someone else to recall them, one has emotional/coping issues that I think we'll be struggling with all year, one has low skills and mom wants him in a lower level class or tutoring and the last one is struggling with being a 7th grader, is very passive aggressive and needs a swift kick in the pants.

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