Friday, July 15, 2011

As I lay me down to sleep....

When I lay Sam down he starts out with his head on the pillow on the right. How does this happen? This make me laugh so hard! Sometimes when I go in to check on him, he is flush up against the crib bars. I am nervous to give him a big boy bed in fear that he will sleep like this and roll out!


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

My little guy will be 4 next month and he still turns himself around in the night!
Love your photo.

What font are you using in your post?
I like it. :)

Shannon Henrici said...

My daughter does the same thing. We took the front of her crib off and have it down to the lowest setting. She is only 1 foot from the floor. Where does she sleep?.... On the floor! She falls out of bed immediately and stays on the floor. UGH!! We are going to resort to a twin mattress on the floor for a while. We will probably scar her for life, but I am sure this won't be the only time ;)