Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I posted part 1 the other day about the personality inventory tests that Richard and I took, through MINISTRY INSIGHTS INTERNATIONAL.

I told you that Richard is primarily a Golden Retriever and I challenged you to figure out what I was.

Some guessed that I was a BEAVER. Which is correct, but it is also the trait that Richard (secondary trait) and I share.

My secondary trait is that of a LION.

The following are the general characteristics of Richard and I. The parts in blue provided us with a great conversation and some laughter too.

Richard's general characteristics are as follows:

When treated fairly, you can be sound and stable and seen as a dedicated and devoted individual. You hesitate to say no and will seldom, if ever, attack. You become most comfortable in situations when the best offense is a good defense. You seldom act aggressively toward your spouse, but will demonstrate a passive resistance from time to time. You may be well thought of because you rarely antagonize others or rarely want the spotlight. You tend a be a follower rather than the leader. You will sense security from your spouse if she is a strong, decisive person who provides direction and activity. When making plans, you can be precise and systematic. You will display discernment and a good sense of timing in selecting the right decision at the appropriate time. You may not attempt to commit yourself or declare intentions initially, but will win in situations where you can weigh the pros and cons of various ideas or activities. You are usually careful and cautious in most social and family situations. You may be conscientious about rules and procedures. You will probably not go over the speed limits, or disobey written or unwritten rules in the community. In a major or minor crisis, you may appear as quite patient, calm, and thoughtful. You demonstrate your ability to calm excited people because of your mild nature. You generally communicate with your spouse in a mild-mannered way. You do not like to make waves and create disharmony. As a result, you may defer your own ideas to those of your spouse. Because of a need to avoid confrontation, you may not express an opinion. As a result, you may go along with your spouse, even if you disagree with the activity, sacrificing your own self-interests to accommodate hers. Your style shows you to be a much better listener than many other styles. You will listen carefully and attend to what your spouse says. People who are talkative by nature may seek you out because of the natural audience you provide. In some new situations you may become somewhat unsure because of your need to feel secure in most activities. You will warm up to the new people or event in your own time.

My general characteristics are:

Others may see you as disciplined and self-controlled. You have seen the problems of being overly optimistic when planning to depend on others following through. You may be a matter-of-fact person who may be critical of the shortcomings of your spouse who may display a more emotional or outgoing side. Because of your thoughtful nature, you need your spouse and others to often express sincere interest in you or the relationship. This offers the secure feeling that you seek. You usually assume a cautious and reserved demeanor when meeting new people. Your relationships must grow naturally and in sincere ways. You will not confide in others readily because of your need for security. You show a solution-oriented, problem-solving strategy. You will look under the surface of a situation and uncover the essence of the problem. You will gather much information without changes in observable behavior. You may be rather skeptical and calculating in your approach to solving problems involving people. You disapprove of emotional, impulsive or hasty decisions, preferring the analytical approach. You are usually critical of people who make major decisions in a haphazard fashion. You especially prefer your spouse to use logic rather than emotion when making decisions. You may appear as cool and somewhat distant, particularly when you are deeply involved in analyzing a problem. You may be somewhat reticent and retiring when with others, especially in a large group. As others grow louder, you may become quieter. You value control of emotions, and are more reflective than rowdy. You are not naturally outgoing towards others, but will sometimes be quite charming and positive when logic dictates that this is the way to win others to your point of view. Because of your need to be quiet rather than rambling, you are somewhat introspective about events and activities. You may not communicate readily and rapidly with your spouse, but this does not mean you don't support him. Some people may inaccurately perceive you as not liking people. You may be misread by others, because you approach social situations with logic and objectivity, judging others by their competence--you may sometimes be misread by others.

Are you a LION, BEAVER, OTTER, or GOLDEN RETRIEVER? How does this compare to your spouse?

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Connie said...

I'd say those are pretty accurate for both of you. Makes me curious how Mark and I would fare. Mark is definitely primarily a beaver too, but this overall description doesn't fit him. Maybe a secondary otter?