Sunday, July 3, 2011


Recently, Richard and I took personality inventory tests through MINISTRY INSIGHTS INTERNATIONAL.  It was very eye opening and brought about some great conversations.

The report you get gives you a detailed profile of your current wants and characteristics and gives you solid keys to communication in your marriage. There are four animal traits (or combinations of) that can describe someone:

Lions are:
•    Strong, assertive, take charge people. They're often the boss... or soon will be!
•    If you have children that are "Lion" children...they're the ones that are letting you live at home!
•    Lions are decisive and can be impatient with obstacles in their way - which is why they often make decisions and try to solve problems before getting all the facts, and before their spouses have time to give their input!

Otters are:
•    Fun-loving and very verbal... they love groups, activity and especially getting to "Yak, Yak, Yak!"
•    They like change and are basically "parties waiting to happen!"
•    Otters are usually creative and are often "non-detail" oriented... which is why they often start projects the day before they're due, and they don't usually balance the checkbook - they just switch banks!

Golden Retriever are:
•    Very understanding and compassionate... Many tend to buy 18 to 20 boxes of Girl Scout cookies each year because it's so hard to say, "No!"
•    Great team players... They're the ones who want everyone to feel close and connected.
•    Golden Retrievers can be so soft on people if they're not careful... they can sometimes be too soft on problems

Beavers are:
•    Very detail oriented... They're essential to invite to parties because they're the only ones who remember to bring the food!
•    They tend to have sock drawers and well organized closets... (Otters on the other hand don't have sock drawers, they have sock rooms!)
•    Beavers like to start a task and see it completed well... they like to finish one project before they start another and find comfort in a systematic way of doing things.

The title gives away Richard's dominant animal, but can you guess mine? well do you know Richard and I? Can you guess our other animal? I'll give you a hint.......believe it or not, it's the same animal.

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Connie said...

Beaver! No question!