Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BACHELORETTE 2011...week 6

Ashley Hebert and her Bachelores went to Hong Kong this week.

The host, Chris Harrison, told Ashley that Bentley was in Hong Kong and instead of leaving her with the ... (dot dot dot....like things may work out after you leave the show), he finally put a . (period) and she feels she can move on now. She still talked about him an awful lot, though.

Lucas (30): the DUD, got the first one-on-one date. He wanted a dance, a kiss and a ROSE and he got them all. I don't see the connection and I saw no romance, so I'm not sure what she sees in him, at all.

Then Ashley had a group date where here and the guys DRAGON BOAT RACED. When they got back to the beach a Chinese couple who helped them got engaged right there. That was more romantic then anything I've seen on this show. Anyway, later on Ames came out of his shell and they made out in the elevator, but she ended up giving the rose to Ryan.

None of the guys like him, but I do.
 JP (34): got the last one-on-one date. The last date she had with him was the night Bentley left and she felt like she owed it to him to tell him that Bentley showed up in Hong Kong. She told him how up to that point she hadn't let her feelings go for him, but that their conversation gave her closure. He was fine with it. He got a ROSE too.

The next night at the rose ceremony Ashley told the rest of the guys and some were really pissed off. In fact...

Mickey (31): decided Ashley had lied to them and left the show at that moment. I actually applaud him for taking matters into his own hands.

Ashley was very upset and didn't expect the guys to be so mad with her, but the rose ceremony continued and the other guys she kept were:

Ben F. (28): I think this guy may be the last one standing, even though I don't see the connection.

Constantime (30): DUD
Ames (31): DUD

The only guy sent home was...

Blake (27)...another that I had ruled out a long time ago.

Next week they all go to Taiwan. I don't see anything permanent coming out of this season, though.

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Jacksmom said...

JP has been my fave since week 1. I liked Lucas until he was so angry last night. I think instead of saying that she saw Bentley earlier that she should have clarified that it was not a date, but did provide closure. That said she did mention him quite a bit. I don't care for Ryan or any of the others besides JP at this point. And like you, I don't see anything permanent coming out of this season.