Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BACHELORETTE 2011...week 5

Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette this season. They all went to Chiang Mai, Thailand this week.

Ben F. (28): got the first one-on-one date this week. I still DO NOT see anything in this guy. Ugghh! They walked around a market and had dinner and kissed, but I did not see sparks or anything.

The group date was much more exiting. They did Thai-Boxing, I am assuming to impress Ashley. Blake won against Lucas, JP won against Mickey, Constantine won against Nick and Ryan won against Ames, but poor Ames ended up going to the hospital with a mild concussion.

Not sure why, but Blake (27) ended up getting a rose at dinner that night. Maybe, out of pity, I guess.

The interesting part of the show was when...

William (30 and...

Ben C. (28), had a two-on-one date and after a little raft ride, Ashley pulled William (who was in my top 2 at the beginning of this season....) aside to have a chat and he TOTALLY threw Ben UNDER THE BUS, saying that Ben was ready to go home so he could try internet dating. Immediately, Ashley sent him home without even getting his side of the story. Then William thought he was in the clear, but that night at dinner, Ashley sent him home too! William turned into a major butt-head. His chat with the camera, at the end, was very depressing. He talked about climbing back under his rock. I think the producers should put him on suicide watch or something.

Then at the rose ceremony Ashley talked to the host, Chris Harrison about Bentley again and how she needs closure.

So beside Ben F. and Blake the other guys she ended up keeping are:

Ryan P. (31): who is still a little weird, but I like him overall.

 JP (34): He is now my front runner. They have major chemistry, he is very down to earth and seems genuinely interested in Ashley.
 Lucas (30): DUD
Constantime (30): DUD
Ames (31): DUD
Mickey (31): jury is still out on this one.

This is the only one she sent home....

Nick (26): DUD...no great loss!

Now you may have thought because Bentley left the show we were done with his drame....NO SUCH LUCK!

The preview for next week showed that he is back in Thailand and back in the running! The guys are UNDERSTANDABLY PISSED and some are calling Ashley a liar and act like they are willing to walk themselves. So it should be very interesting!

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