Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette this season.

First I have to talk about this butt-head......

Bentley (28)...Ashley was warned about him by someone that knows his x-wife that he was only on the show for his 15 minutes of fame. Ashley says she is in love with him....I have seen nothing that would make those feelings so intense, but she is head over heals and now devastated because he left the show last night, telling her, he had to go home to his daughter. When in reality he said he isn't in to her and I think he paniced after she told him about her friend warning her.

The host, Chris Harrison, told her that if Bentley was really that into her and wanted to stay, he would have. I think it's pretty crappy of the show to know how Bentley feels and let her be devastated in that way. They should have told her right off the bat that he was a loser!

William (30): Another front runner, initially, totally bashed her last night at a comedy roast, but was honestly sorry for hurting and cried and apologized. In the "jokes" he prepared he told her he wished she was Emily! I hope he can redeem himself next week because I did like him. In the end Ashley did decide to give him another chance and gave him a rose.

Ashley eliminated 2 guys last night and kept 12. I can cut her 12 all the way down to 3! Here are my top picks....

 Ryan P. (31): got the first impression rose and although he didn't get a date this week he is still my top pick. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and he made her feel better after the roast.

 JP (34): He finally got a date this week, but it fell after Bentley broke her heart so they just hung out chatting by the fire in their pajamas. This could actually help him since he is accepting her in the bad times too. I really like him.

 Ben C. (28): Got the first one-on one date. He talks WAY TOO FAST, but he made her laugh and they had fun together. They were in a FLASH MOB together. Not sure if their is a real romantic connection, but we'll see.

The rest of these guys got roses, but are not my top picks....

Ames (31): is still in the top 5, but only because he's good looking.

Mickey (31): another one I like, but not in the top three.

The rest of these guys will be tossed out soon!

Ben F. (28): DUD
Nick (26): DUD
 Blake (27): DUD
 Constantime (30): DUD
West (30): DUD
 Lucas (30): DUD

Besides Bentley running away, the other two she got rid of last night were:

Jeff (35): He finally showed his face....he tried to be very dramatic and when he removed the mask he said, "Hi. I'm Jeff." It fell flat. He kept himself apart from everyone and is a total weirdo! At the end of the show last night, it showed him reading a newspaper on the toilet, talking to Bentley. He is a total nut case!
 Chris D. (25): Was also sent packing last night. No great lose!

Tune in next week when the traveling starts!

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