Monday, May 2, 2011


I am so happy that this is Osama Bin Laden. Soon after I heard the news, I got on FACEBOOK to show my excitement and some of the comments were focused on Obama's speech and how he is taking credit for Osama being dead and even someone, STILL, dwelling on the birth certificate. Are you kidding me? With all that is going on in the world, do we really have time for this nonsense.

It is so weird how two (million) people can listen to the same thing and hear something totally different. I heard Obama say, "I," a few times, but it seemed to be in the context of an overview of the military actions that he had ok'ed over the past year. Not once did I hear him take credit for the killing of Osama. In fact, he seemed to thank everyone in the military and the intelligence community for doing such an amazing job. He even commented about these action having started back during the Bush administration, soon after 9/11.

I understand passion, but you lose your "street cred" (credibility) when you say you "hate" the president. The man has a family and children and he is doing what he believes is best for the country. He is wrong sometimes, but this does not make him BEELZEBUB! No party has ALL the answers and focusing on nonsense or on what we disagree with, is not going to get us any closer to solving the important issues.

I have a hard time listening to politics because it seems like those who are really passionate about it can't see any redeeming value in the other side. It's like arguing with a monkey. They just wave their arms and yell louder. Yelling does not make you more right. They don't stop waving their arms or yelling long enough to hear someones else's opinion or to actually solve anything because they are so sure they are RIGHT!

People are so focused on the trees that they have a hard time seeing the forest. So, I know I'm going to lose a few people when I start giving specifics, but I'm going to do it anyway:

* These are the same people who believe the moon landing and the Holocaust never happened.

* The birth certificate is real....get over it....Obama has been our president now for 3 years. They'll be another election soon. Can we just focus on doing the work to run the country. Donald Trump, if the authenticity of the birth certificate and proving Obama "truly" graduated from college are your platform, you've lost me.

* We need less cooks in the kitchen!

* First responders and survivors having to prove they are not on the terrorist watch list before they can get benefits is just crazy. Is this really how you want to honor them?!

* Swearing at me or calling Obama names just makes you look ignorant.

* Interesting how NO other president in the history of the United States has been asked to prove, to this extent, that he is, in fact, a U.S. citizen.




stART said...

Amen! The extent of the challenge to Barrack Obama's "right" to be president simply shows that racism is alive and well and thriving in well-healed America. The capacity to deny the Holocaust and declare "staged" the endless physical evidence of mass murder on an unprecedented scale simply shows the human's endless capacity for self-delusion. The tragedy is that those who hold these and similar views are able to express and promote them due to the very freedoms that many of those they despise died espousing or without experiencing. The shame is on them.

JAG said...

I agree with you Tracey. It is just crazy that they won't let go of the birth certificate issue. We would be a lot stronger as a nation if we could work together instead of this constant political strife.