Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette this season.

Ashley eliminated 3 guys last night and kept 15. I can cut her 15 all the way down to 4! Here are my top picks....

 Ryan P. (31): got the first impression rose and although he didn't get a date this week he is still my top pick. He obviously made an impression on Ashley too!

 JP (34): He also did not get a date, because Mickey won a coin toss, but he is my #2 pick. He's funny, sexy and has a great personality.

Ames (31): Got to go on a group date and I think he's a hotty and my #3 pick.

 Ben C. (28): I think he is a little weird looking, but he makes Ashley laugh and seems to have a good personality. He also did not get a date this week. He's my #4 pick.

The rest of these guys got roses, but are not my top picks....

 William (30): Was a top pick and had a fun date in Vegas and got the first rose. They ate dinner on a platform in the Bellagio fountain. Ashley and he both have alcoholic fathers and really bonded, but later William was too cocky with the other guys and he took their time with Ashley even though he had a rose. Lost a few points with me.

Bentley (28)...who Ashley was warned about by a previous cast member...saying that he was only on the show for his 15 minutes of fame. He actually got a rose on the group date. Ashley is totally blinded by his personality and in the previews for next week it shows him making her cry. HE IS A JERK!

 Mickey (31): won the coin toss date and spent the day at Mandalay Bay in Vegas with Ashley. He's cute, but seems to have more of a dud personality.

Jeff (35): Weirdo here says he's using the "stealth approach" and was about to reveal his face, but was interrupted by another guy and just walked away. This guy is just WACKO, but Ashley kept him.

Richard and I play DUD or STUD when she gives out the roses...here are the other guys she chose to keep, but are DUDS in our book:

Ben F. (28): DUD
 Nick (26): DUD (cute, but nothing to write home about....)
 Blake (27): DUD
 Constantime (30): DUD
 Lucas (30): DUD
 Chris D. (25): DUD
West (30): DUD

Here are the three she tossed!
 Ryan M. (27): I actually liked this guy and I am sorry to see him go.

 Stephen (27): Good toss!
 Matt (28): Good toss!

Next week should be FILLED with drama according to the previews....I look forward to Mondays all week.

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