Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette this season. It was a crazy opening night show.

Tim was so wasted that the other guys had to help him to a car and send him home, even before the rose ceremony....he's a liquor distributor...GO FIGURE!

Ashley eliminated 7 guys and kept 18. I can cut her 18 in half to 9! Here are my top picks....

 Ryan P. (31): got the first impression rose....my favorite overall.

Ben F. (28): makes wine.

 Nick (26): cute blonde.

 Ryan M. (27): made a good first impression.

 Blake (27): He and Ashley are both dentists.

 Ben C. (28): Spoke French and made Ashley laugh.

 William (30): Cute

 JP (34): Made her laugh and they had a good conversation going.

Ames (31): Gave her ballet tickets and said he wanted to take her dancing.

Of the other 9 she kept there are only two worth mentioning and that is only because they caused controversy.

Jeff (35): only because he is still wearing that stupid mask and calling himself, "poised." Very weird! He wants Ashley to see his inner beauty.

Then there is this guy.....

...Bentley (28)...who Ashley was warned about by a previous cast member...saying that he was only on the show for his 15 minutes of fame. In the previews for future shows he tells the camera that he isn't attracted to Ashley and could care less about staying. Oh...he has a daughter named, Cozy!

Here are the other guys she chose to keep:

 Constantime (30)
 Lucas (30)
 Stephen (27)
 Matt (28)
 Chris D. (25)
 Mickey (31)
West (30)

We'll see if these guys impress me enough next week, that I want to talk about them.


Kristi B said...

Thanks for the recap! No time to watch the show but wish I did! I'll be relying on your posts to keep me in the loop! :-)

happymomof2 said...

YES I totally agree!!! The show was WEIRD and had a lot of "strange" guys on it. I felt bad for Ashley. Should be an interesting season:)

Jacksmom said...

Lots of strange guys on it. I like JP the best at this point.