Friday, March 25, 2011


Sam is recovering from an ear infection. He takes his bubblegum flavored medicine like a champ and is in a much better mood now. It's so fun to come home to his smiling face.

My sister, Karen, had her hip replaced on Monday and is recovering well. She got some really good drugs. She went home on can't drive a car and is on crutches for 6 weeks. My sister, Marykay, has had both of her hips replaced (over 5 years ago). The women in our family seem to have this genetic issue with our hips, but my sister, Genie and I seem to be fine for the time being.

On Wednesday one of the 5th graders had a seizure and collapsed. The other kids were very good and the teacher handled it great. Ambulance and mom were called. We aren't sure what caused it yet and he does not have a history of these, either.

My first crush from high school, David, died earlier this week. I come from a very small town in New Hampshire and I graduated with a class of 24 kids, so everyone knows everyone. Of those, 2 have now died. It is so sad.......dying so young. Rest in peace, my friend.

My Dad is home after having his lymph nodes removed. He had melanoma on his back removed about 2 months ago and they found problems with the lymph nodes too, but everything else looks good. Here's praying for a quick recovery.

Then yesterday, two mom's decided to duke it out in the school parking lot.....nice! Classy!!

Standardized testing starts next week.....prayers for good scores and no drama.

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Connie said...

When I saw "two parents" on facebook, I thought a mom and dad...not THAT unusual. But two MOMS?? Now THAT's classy!