Thursday, March 10, 2011


Now that we only have April and May left to school, I thought I'd give you an update on the four "lovelies" that I've talked about a lot this year.

You remember Kitty Cat, right? Well, no thanks to ANYONE else, but the 5th grade team, she has finally, for the most part, settled. We went through 3 months of her being evaluated by a child psychologist.....let me introduce you to......Dr. Useless....

.....a ten year old girl with emotional issues should have no problems warming up to that face, right? And his 15 foot tall frame won't be the least bit intimidating, either!??? Needless to say he didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Kitty-Cat refused to talk to him so he just observed her in our classrooms. At our final meeting with him he told us, "You are doing great with her, keep it up."

You have got to be kidding me. My head nearly exploded when he said that one. You spend three months evaluating a girl who is in regular education, but doesn't perform as regular education children do, (nor do the teachers expect her to because if we treated her like other regular education children her head would spin around and she'd levitate off the ground).....and your only "help" and "advice" for this girl is, "You are doing great with her, keep it up." ???? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KINDIN' ME!!!!!!!

Then there is LAZY. He continues to do NOTHING and Mom and Dad continue to say all the right things and DO nothing. After he was switched out of my reading class we started using agendas....LAZY never writes his work in his. Then Mom and Dad started a COMMUNICATION LOG, which LAZY never showed to us and then LOST (threw away)! The other day he asked if he could do his make-up over our two week break. I told him no and just like everyone else, it was due on Friday, but what I wanted to say was, "DO YOU REALLY THINK I AM THAT STUPID THAT I STILL BELIEVE, THAT EVEN IF I GAVE YOU THE CHANCE, THAT JUST ONE SENTENCE OF WHAT YOU HAVE DUE WOULD EVEN BE ATTEMPTED! YOU'RE NUTS!" Now we are back to doing nothing. He says he has his work at home and he's doing it....yah right! On his social studies test last week he had 90 minutes and he wrote ONE SENTENCE! There were pretty designs all over his paper, though!

Baby Boy is now in his 4th new class of the year. He's accused teachers of pulling down his pants, being racist, being child molesters and even said he hated one because, in his words, "She's gay and we all know it." He's even left campus and then blamed it on a teacher for not letting him go to the nurse. I warned his newest teacher to NEVER speak with BABY BOY alone and NEVER let him go anywhere by himself. He's a lier and a manipulator and as we like to call it in our profession, A CAREER ENDER! BEWARE!

WHAT BOY continues to get in trouble and I think is on his 11th pink slip of the year. He's always where he's not suppose to be, never has any of his work done and Mom continues to have excuses as to why she can't have a conference with us. He has fallen through the cracks and no matter what we do, we can't get Mom's attention.



stART said...

This is why teacher burnout is at an all time high... the teachers that give a darn are overwhelmed by the challenges, undersupported by the so-called professionals and cannot undo a negative home influence. Even passive neglect IS NEGLECT, PEOPLE. Hang in there...

Jacksmom said...

I will never understand why parents don't make their children's education and behavior/manners a priority. It irritates me so bad, and I always think teachers have the hardest jobs for these reasons. I am frustrated for you!