Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been hooked on Mandalas this past week. I did one and then realized it would make a beautiful card. I bought blank cards at Hobby Lobby and made two packs of 10, with envelopes and put them in a zip lock.

This is my favorite. It's made completely of little circles. Here is my first set......

I love the little self adhesive jewels I found.

You can definitely tell they are free hand, as my lines aren't that straight, but I think that makes them better....don't you.

I did use a stencil that has different sizes of circles, which I added inside each other.....and...

....then with a pencil I made the basic shapes......

....and finally went over it with black pen and colored them in.

I added the embellishments last. I like that mistakes are easy to hide.

I think they came out pretty good.

I think I'm going to send them to some special people!

Come back tomorrow to see the other set of ten.

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Connie said...

Great idea, Tracy! Beautiful cards.