Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lately I have felt like MR. TEACHBAD, but because of Natalie Munroe I have felt like I now have to censor myself MORE.

It seems like teachers are no longer allowed to:

* have opinions
* have feelings
* speak their mind
* tell parents the truth
* vent
* complain
* have a bad day
* talk openly with co-workers
* question
* frown
* discipline
* have a personal life
* not "like" EVERY child
* think outside the box
* make decisions on their own
* use their own judgement
* be upset when others aren't held to the same rules
* expect to be treated fairly
* expect children to learn on their own
* have concerns
* speak sarcastically
* ignore someone they do not get along with
* not smile
* raise their eyebrows
* be annoyed
* not agree with all the policies
* show frustration
* quote from memos

....just my opinion...oops, I forgot I'm not allowed to have one....

DISCLAIMER: any similarities to real schools is purely coincidental. 


birthmothertalks said...

I kind of know where your coming from. At my job with taking care of the elderly we are not allowed to tell them anything sad or any of our problems. However, we are suppose to talk to them. Sometimes, I feel like I am just putting on a show because I can't really talk openly.

Brittney said...

1st of all I love the font on your blog what is it?

I am in school studying to be a teacher and i have read several stories about teachers getting in trouble for blogs and other social networking sites. I think that isn't fair. I know that the teacher even outside of school represents the school but if he/she isnt naming names, sharing pics of students, etc. she should be able to vent like any other person out there. The thing is everyone is sue happy these days and parents look for any reason to blame the teacher rather than be accountable for raising respectable children and taking responsibilities. im coming close to my graduation and since my url has my real name in it i have already began thinking i need to make a new blog thats 100% anonymous...its really unfair that everyone is allowed free speech with the exception of teachers!