Wednesday, March 30, 2011


These are the places of interest I've found in my recent BLOG HOPPING (and beyond) journeys!

At MY KIDS MAKE, I found this great idea to keep kids engaged and happy while shopping.

I also found HAPPY BLANKIE. For every one blanket they sell, one is donated to a child in need of a smile! The company idea came from seven year old David, in 2008. He's called the Chief Happiness Officer.

I love this etsy shop called URBAN WALLS. I love wall decals like this.....

and this.....

Then I found this a great idea for a chore chart at MY LIFE IS A REALITY SHOW. The "NO COMPLAINING OR WHINING" part really grabbed me and I love the FAMILY FUN BOX idea.

At THE PRETTY PEACOCK, I found this Sweetheart Locket. I love the idea of having room for multiple birthstones. I may have found my Mom's Christmas present. I know you're reading this, Dad....sssshhhh...don't tell.

What about THE OVEN CLAW! What a great idea!!!

Then I found these great CIRCLE SCARVES and LOOP SCARVES. So cute!

Where have you been BLOG HOPPING lately. Found anything interesting? Let me know.

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My Kids Make said...

Hi, I am glad you liked our grocery shopping scavenger hunt. I just did this again with my son yesterday, and he still enjoyed it!!!