Thursday, February 24, 2011


URBAN TEACHER is so eloquent in how he writes.

Love this quote "What annoys me perhaps even more, however, are those in and out of education who listen to teachers explain the immense complexity, frustration, and despair that often comes with trying to educate our most vulnerable students, and react by accusing them of complaining about their predicament. These opportunists (along with a generally ill-informed public) see little value in acknowledging the sheer degree of absurdity many teachers are forced to deal with."

There has been a lot of talk lately about balancing the budget and spending cuts. Just like with a personal budget, you have to be willing to say that NOTHING IS SACRED and you have to put EVERYTHING on the table, if you expect to balance anything and make changes that really work.

The same is true in education. NOTHING CAN BE SACRED and EVERYTHING has to be on the table if you want to make changes that really work

Nothing will change in education until......

What are your ideas?

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The Reflective Educator said...

Haha - I love the green guy at the top. Really looks like quite the edudrone.