Friday, November 19, 2010


If you don't know who KITTY CAT is, you can read about her school year so far: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Things are much better now. She has fewer melt downs, has a special typewriter to do her work on (she has OT problems with writing....yes, after being at our school for 6 years, they finally got her one of these....seems like a no brainer to me that this shouldn't have taken until November of her 5th grade year to aquire....anyway....), she is much more cooperative then she used to be and her peers seem much less frustrated with her, since she isn't getting away with poor behavior and their frustrations with her are actually being addressed.

I believe it's because in the past she was allowed to run the show.  Crying got her out of doing work, her lies were ignored and she was given special treatment, which caused the other kids to be resentful. This year, we (the 5th grade team), don't put up with her attitude and we expect her to produce and behave. We ignore the crying, tell her the options, move her seat, let her know of the consequences, walk away and then hold her responsible if she doesn't comply. I know...very innovative and novel approach.... crazy... new wave thinking.

So, today we met with the psychologist. We'll call him DR. DROOPY. Supposedly, the powers that be, have been trying to get a psychological evaluation on her since 2nd grade. Ya right?! Anyway...DR. DROOPY asked us two questions: What do we want to learn from the evaluation? and What are we doing that is working? Some of us don't think that this is going to make a darn bit of difference and believe that with her "severe difficulties" she needs to be in a smaller special class, not a regular education class with 25 kids. We are also concerned about next year and the fact that the kids in middle school will EAT HER ALIVE, but DR. DROOPY said, "now don't try to predict the future, just deal with the present."

He is coming out again next Tuesday to talk to KITTY CAT, but she doesn't like him, so I doubt she will cooperate or even sit with him.....and the wheels s...l...o...w....l...y....grind on.

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