Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 DAYS OF TRUTH...Day #1

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I hate that this one is so easy. I've worked a long time to think positively about myself. I've come a VERY LONG WAY, however, I can still write a laundry list: I hold grudges, I take things too personally, I can't get pregnant, I'm selfish, I don't cook, I never got my masters, I don't make friends easily, I can't sit still, my mind is always racing.....

....physically....I'm too pale, I'm too skinny, I have NO chest and my feet should never see the light of day

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Kim said...

Brennan Manning wrote in "Abba's Child" that Jesus loves us with "relentless tenderness". I love the juxtaposition of those two seemingly opposite words.

I think you should consciously love your feet. Get pedicures, paint your toes and wear open toed shoes. They are beautiful because they are part of you and allow you to serve the people you love.