Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, remember this UPDATE I gave you on Friday about Kitty-Cat? Well, after Friday I didn't think anymore of it. So yesterday I find out that Mommy-Cat came in to talk to the principal and without even talking to me to get my side of the story, they decide to move Kitty-Cat to a different homeroom. Mommy-Cat thought I was too insensitive! Give me a break...I asked her to hold a door! I did ask how this was going to change anything since I will still see her in social studies, but just at a different time? The answer..."Mommy-Cat just wanted her out of your homeroom." So, it's official...the behavior will not change because if crying gets Kitty-Cat what she wants, why would she change!?!

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Kris said...

Well, that's too bad for Kitty-Cat, but GREAT for you and the rest of the kids in your class!