Saturday, August 7, 2010


1. The OT (occupational therapist) was suppose to see Sam on Tuesday and she didn't show up or CALL! can' t even call? No, I didn't have 100 other things that could have got done if I had known you weren't coming. No, Sam didn't want to go to the pool that day. Believe me the next time you do show, I will get your number, so I can call you and remind you, to call me! NOTE: I did call the office...but no one answered or has responded since Tuesday!

2. Our school has a morning janitor that is suppose to unlock the school by 5:30 because our day starts at 7:30, but three days this past week he was sick and NO ONE ELSE HAD A KEY! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN ALL THE FRUSTRATED PEOPLE! We couldn't get in to make copies until 7:15. Ugghhh....please give one of us early birds a key!!!!!

3. MY SCHOOL DIDN'T MEET AYP (annual yearly progress) and only 17 schools in ALBUQUERQUE did. Tell me, why are special education students, that have their own educational plans, because of their difficulty learning, held to the same testing results as regular education children.

4. Honestly, you send your kid to school with his glasses and a skateboard.....really? Not even a pencil...give me a break!

5. Attendance is not a suggestion...if you want me to teach your child and you want him to learn, it's kind of a necessity. Of the 8 days we have been in session, I have one boy (see comment number 4) who has only been in class 2 days. Thus, we get results related to comment number 3.

6. Why is it not logical for guys to put things back where they belong or are stored? Instead, they just leave the item wherever it was last used.

7. Please, Mr. Tax Man, call me back. I've tried for 2 YEARS, with 2 different tax prep people to amend my 2008 taxes, so we can claim Sam for that year and it's still not done!

8. I've had my very first experience with ants that bite...THEY DARED TO BITE MY SON! Their days are numbered....and the number is VERY SMALL!

9. Dear Parents, I am sorry for inconveniencing you by keeping your child safe while I'm on bus duty. Next time, I will let them run across the street in front of that speeding Hummer.

10. Why is FAIR and REASONABLE a pipe dream and doing MORE with LESS a MANDATE?!?!!?!!?


Kris said...

As for #1...I would have called the ECI case manager to find out where they were. In fact, I would probably STILL call them to find out why they didn't show.

Ants...kills those suckers. I hate them, too!!!

Mountain Girl said...

I agree with Kris and if the therapist does not show up at the next appointment, then I would request another one! Teaching! Isn't it fun? I'm an early childhood sped teacher.

Annie said...

I hate to sat, but ECI was nearly as frustrating as CPS for us. There are very few people who have the self motivation and respect to do the job correctly despite the long hours and low pay. You seem like one of those who do the job correctly.

As for traffic duty at school? My husband directed traffic every morning last year because if someone wasn't watching people would drive up on the sidewalk to get around cars, that were stopped letting kids out. every morning he'd come back and say his view if humanity gets lower every day. If I need something in the office at school I have to wait 20 minutes while they deal with tardies, about 10% a day can't make it on time, and its the same 10% and most are concerned if they can still get breakfast before class making them later but we know they haven't eaten since lunch the day before grrrrrr.

in our state if you have an IEP that excludes standardized tests yours doesn't count, so guess what happens to a kid that isn't(not can't) pulling his weight academically. IEP and "you sit there and twiddle your thumbs" which is why we have "great schools" and 11 year old kids who can't read.

So I applaud you!! For showing up early. For staying late. For directing traffic. For bringing extra pencils.