Thursday, August 19, 2010


Year after year the same people skate by and it drives me nuts!

This list includes:

* Showing up after the bell...late by 10 minutes EVERY day.
* "I never got that memo."
* "I didn't know I had to bring my permission slips on the field trip with me?"
* Not showing up for duty.
* Not walking their kids to the bus.
* Showing a movie EVERY day.
* Not turning in reports, graphs or information needed by the grade level.
* Allowing their own (bio) children to NOT follow the rules that the rest of the kids are expected to.
* Not attending the workshops at the beginning of the year because they are teaching summer school still...DOUBLE DIPPING!
* Not attending meetings and then expecting others to play "catch up" for them.
* Expecting others to just deal with their incompetence.
* Others too...but if I mention them...I might get fired!

1 comment:

KLTTX said...

These are all bad but showing a movie every day is horrible. How can they get away with that? There would be parent outrage at my son's school.