Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, takes Chris and Roberto to meet her parents in Bora-Bora.


Chris L, 33, the landscaper, "may have taken longer to get there, but I think their relationship is stronger".....remember me saying this...well....Ali didn't think so...but she had class and didn't make him go on a final date and dumped him before the final rose ceremony. He is such a sweet guy and had fallen for her, but I think it was still too soon after his mom's death. There was a very sweet scene with a rainbow....which Chris said was his mom saying how proud she was of him. Good Luck, Chris. He should be the next Bachelor!

Roberto, 26, the insurance agent, got the FINAL ROSE! How come guys weren't like this when I was 26?

They are very cute together and Roberto is a major hotty. I may not have been right on my final choice, but Roberto was in my top three. They have now moved in together in San Diego and the wedding is being planned for next summer.

On a final note....this shmuck....Frank, didn't even have the courage to show up for AFTER THE FINAL ROSE. He cancelled at the last minute. I thought he was somewhat of a good guy for not leading Ali on any more then necessary, but after ditching the final show, he's now in the same category as THE WRESTLER!


happymomof2 said...

LOVED the recap- thanks:) At first I was disappointed that she let Chris go like that but you are totally right, it was the right thing to do. I just felt so bad for him! :( I hope you are right that he is the next bachelor:) He seems like a super nice and sweet guy!
I hope that Roberto and Ali work out they are cute together and seem really in love:)

Jacksmom said...

I agree that Chris could be the next Bachelor! He's a sweetie, and while I felt bad for him, she was doing the right thing by not letting him get up there and propose when she already knew her answer. I have to say that while I think she couldn't have gone wrong with either guy, her connection with Roberto has been from the beginning and been a strong one. I just hope it doesn't fizzle out!