Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There were only 15 people left this week from the past seasons of THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE, still living in a house together, sharing one bedroom, competing for $250,000....and a little love thrown in there too. See the full episode here.

The competition this week was a kissing contest...which was actually VERY GROSS!

Gia started to participate and then broke down crying....you have a boyfriend...you shouldn't even be here! I guess others agree too because the guys all voted her off this week. They didn't trust her any more.

None of the girls wanted to kiss Jonathan, but they had to, so they made it as quick as possible, except for Natalie, of course, she went to town on him, just like every other guy. He was low man on the totem pole and was voted off by the girls. I really think he needs to stick with being a forecaster and take some dating classes or something. He really needs help or this guy will forever be single.

.....Wes is a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe! He hated the entire thing!

Natalie kissed like she was trying to suck out their lungs! She is so gross. She even went topless to get David's attention...unfortunately it worked!

This chick, Elizabeth, is NUTS! She is a !@#$% too! I can't wait for her to be gone.

All the girls voted David as the best kisser. I really like this guy, BUT he likes Natalie...so he loses a lot of points there. He even spent the night in the FANTASY SUITE with her and gave her a rose. So they are both safe for another week.

Peyton was voted the best kisser by the guys. She is very sweet. I really like her. She spent the night in the FANTASY SUITE with Jesse and gave him a rose, so they are both safe too.

Next week they have to answer survey questions and it gets VERY PERSONAL and HURTFUL! Should make for some interesting drama!

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Jacksmom said...

I like David and Peyton too. My feelings echo yours where Elizabeth is concerned. I'm actually kind of liking Wes too, which is odd considering I really didn't like him on the Bachelorette. That said, the threats this week towards the other guys about Gia made me think twice about him. For a minute there I was thinking he might be different.