Friday, August 20, 2010


If you read my last post you know who KITTY-CAT is. So, today she had one of her typical melt downs.

We were coming back from P.E. (8:30) and I asked, as I always do, the first two people in line to hold the doors. Well, KITTY-CAT, apparently, didn't want to because she immediately starting crying, sat down on the picnic table and refused to get up. Let me remind you that these are 5th graders and will be going on to mid-school next year. I have 23 other children to think about, so, we continued walking back to class. I then called the office and asked someone to go "deal" with her. I didn't see her again until 11:00.

On the good news of Monday, WHAT-BOY will be moving to a different home room. I am hoping this relaxes the dynamics a little.

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Kris said...

Well, good for you! I hope that her realizing she cannot control the entire classroom will help her re-evaluate her behavior. Hope things tame down next week with What-boy gone! I can ONLY imagine the ear full that Richard has gotten every this year! :-)