Monday, July 19, 2010


Sam had his orthopedic appointment this morning. The pediatrician had said to let him walk around the house in his bare feet, but the orthopedist said he needs the support of shoes because he's stretching out the ligaments too much. He bends his ankles way in, or "over pronates."

We got good news: they will not have to cast his legs and the supports are covered by insurance. They will look like the pink ones in the picture, but they will be in blue. The doctor had to order them, so we have to wait two weeks to start. He'll need to start wearing them for 2 hours a day and eventually work up to all day, except when he sleeps. He can't wear sandals anymore, either, and he'll have to wear socks. His feet get very sweaty, so hopefully he'll get used to them. Because of the supports he'll also be wearing size 6 shoes.

The doctor seemed to feel the maybe in six months to a year he won't need them anymore and can just wear little ones that slide into his shoes like odor eaters.

With all the therapists he'll be seeing (OT, PT, and SLP) I was glad to find that this will not be a big deal and that everything so far is covered by insurance, even co-pays.

I want to be proactive now, so that in a few years, hopefully, he won't need any more of this.


Melba said...

I think your pro activity is great! I know it will be a transition for him to learn to wear these but hopefully he'll get the hang of it.

Thinking of you!


Ashley said...

Glad you have a clear plan!! I'm sure he'll be walking around strong before you know it. You're a good mama!

Anonymous said...


Debbie B said...

Best to do it now while he's young and won't remember. That's why we took Belle to get her feet checked out too.
My brother wore braces for awhile when he was little, doesn't even remember it. Of course his were different. Had a bar between the shoes to keep them straight and my mom shares stories of him banging it against the crib making all sorts of noise.

He'll adjust quickly I'm sure, but the socks and shoes has got to be hard. At least the big summer heat will be over soon.

Connie said...

I had a bar between my shoes as well as a toddler. You don't see that these days, I'm told, because it didn't work! But the slip-ins do, so I'm sure he'll do well. What a good feeling to have the help of these experts focussed on Samuel.