Monday, July 5, 2010


Richard got the 4th of July off. That's amazing enough, but to get all three of us in a picture is I won't complain about the weird look on Sam's face or why it was necessary to have the stroller in the picture.

We had to show up very early to get a good seat, so Sam didn't get his morning nap. He seems happy enough here, doesn't he?!

We kept him happy by letting him stuff his mouth with goldfish.

He did really well being surrounded by strangers....and he was very excited by all the cars driving by...

....but then the motorcycles blasted their engines and I think it hurt his little ears. It kind of scared him.

We liked all the colorful flags.....

...and the music.....

....and all the clapping people....

....but again when the big trucks came by and blasted their horns we got scared and cried.

We loved the clowns too.

This was a kazoo band we enjoyed. My friend, Linda, is in the lead. She's the one on the right, holding the banner.

We loved all the old cars and costumes.

We were not too thrilled when these guys sprayed us with water, but others in the crowd got them back by tossing water balloons at them. Good thing we brought an umbrella.

After the parade and a nap we played outside in the pool.

Menlo enjoyed the pool too.

Samuel had fun splashing, Daddy.

Then we practiced walking with Dad.

It was a great day!

Samuel likes watching Daddy's feet.

We even had time to giggle and tickle before the cookout. Since the loud parade noises scared Sam, we decided that the fireworks would probably scar him for life, so we had Sam opt out this year. He slept through the entire show. It was a good time in the dul-de-sac with friends, food and fireworks.

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Jacksmom said...

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!