Friday, July 2, 2010


Here is our poor peach tree. We've been here 7 years and have had some awesome yields from it.

See how loaded with fruit we are. Usually I give away 5 or 6 grocery sacks to family and friends, toss 2 Home Depot buckets of ones I've thinned out or have fallen to the ground and still have a enough for the birds to chow down and make a couple peach cobblers.

This branch is so low that it brushes my head when I walk under it.

This is our solution for now....(it's a rake, people...). Why are we propping up this branch, because we don't want this to happen.....

This was the first casualty. We came out one morning and it was already broken. Probably from the weight of the fruit and high winds.

This was the second limb to break. But it broke over the fence we share with a neighbor that is 12 feet below us. So, Richard had to cut it in pieces and haul it up over the fence.

...see....ouchy...poor tree!

Now we have tied the branches together and propped up the lower ones like so. I hope it survives.

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