Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Bachelorette (week 9)

Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is taking her three guys to Tahiti.


Roberto, 26, the insurance agent, got the first date. They took a helicopter ride and had a very romantic date. Their physical chemistry is intense. He told her, "I'm falling in love with you." She said to the cameras, "I know he's in this for the long haul." Yah, right...my x said the same thing and 2 hours later he asked me for a divorce. I hate that saying. Just my baggage.....sorry....I think they have a physical attraction, but not the friendship part that is so important.

Chris L, 33, the landscaper, may have taken longer to get there, but I think their relationship is stronger. They were walking along the beach and found peals in oysters. Immediately I thought he needs to save those and make them into a piece of jewelry for her, especially if he's the one she chooses in the end. He did say, "I see myself with you forever," and "I love you." He told the camera that she's his soul mate. I also thought it was cute that, as they were walking along the beach, he turned to her and said, "How are you going to top this for our honeymoon?"

Frank, 31, the retail manager, goes to Chicago and decides he's in love with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. He then goes to Tahiti and tells Ali how he feels and they are both emotional messes. She thinks he was a "coward," but then she says, "Even if he asked to come back, I would tell him it's too late." Isn't this exactly what she wanted Jake to do, take her back.

Richard's take on Frank is that he is too immature. He wants ANYONE to say I love you and with Ali he only has a 3:1 shot, where with Nicole, she said she wants him home now and he "completes" her. He needs too much constant reassurance because he doesn't have confidence in himself. "Their marriage will never last."

So it has come down to Roberto and Chris. I am hoping for Chris. I think they have the stronger connection.

Join me next Monday night, for the REUNION SHOW. All the crazy people will be back. Then the following week they will be in Bora Bora, where the guys will meet her family and they will have the final rose ceremony.


happymomof2 said...

I agree I hope she picks Chris:) I think Frank just stuck around because he was afraid of having neither of the girls and an added plus was the sights he got to see-LOL! I am LOVING the beautiful places/ scenery it is making me want to go to Tahiti- not that, that is going to happen any time soon. Looking forward to next week so see what all the crazies have to say-haha.

Jacksmom said...

Ha! My first thought with Chris was that he should save the pearls and make her a piece of jewelry too! I think she and Roberto could work as well. I don't know. I've already heard how it ends, and I'm not happy regardless, LOL.