Monday, June 7, 2010


So, I spent 30 minutes changing me into a bathing suit, putting lotion on, getting our pool bag ready, changing Sam into special diaper for pool swim trunks, putting lotion on (I really need to get the spay kind...he hates when I put lotion on him....), etc...etc...etc....

Walked over to pool....CLOSED DUE TO CLEANING! UGGHH!

Walk back home.

Set up baby pool.

Water from the hose was a little cold but we adjusted.

Spend 1/2 hour putting cups in pool and then pouring them on the grass.

Then, Menlo, decided his breakfast didn't agree with him (plus I think he got overheated) and puked on the grass.

Get baby inside and out of swim wear....get me out of swim wear...put everything away...clean up dog puke.



Rebekah said...

We had pool time this weekend, too. Although our time was a little less eventful! :)

Kris said...

So sorry...hopefully, it will go better next time!!!