Monday, June 14, 2010


Before I got my tattoo, Richard spent weeks trying to convince me not to get one. I told him how I've wanted one for ten years and had intended on doing it around Sam's first birthday, but hadn't quite settled on a design. Then once I added the lizard, the Bible verse and Mi Amor in, I knew I was ready. I told him he should get one too and his comment was, "When pigs fly!" After mine was done I told him the pain was no worse then menstrual cramps.....

Now look what he's doing.....Freshly shaved will never look like this again.

Since I was out doing errands anyway, I showed up at the tattoo place to see how he was doing. Richard informed me that if this was what menstrual cramps felt like, he was glad he was a man. I guess I have a higher pain tolerance.

Here is the outline......

This is Chuey filling it all in.

They put plastic wrap over it initially to help healing.

Here it is a few hours later all cleaned up!

The final product up close!


Headless Mom said...

What does it mean?

Kris said...

Okay, you guys don't just "get a tatoo" GET A TATOO!!! My goodness! Those are some BIG tatoos!! In my never-will-I-get-a-tatoo mind, anyways..

Connie said...

You crazy kids are going to end up on your mother's prayer list! Interesting choice for Richard. Is there some symbology there, or did he just like the design?