Monday, June 28, 2010


This room is so little that I can't even take a picture of it without being in the hall. It's the entrance from the garage that also doubles as the laundry room. I'm finally painting it. What? We've only been here 7 years. Besides my junk room "sewing room," it's the only other room that we haven't painted. Home improvement has kind of slowed down since Sam came along.

This is one area that I'll have to wait on, as the washer and dryer are in the way. Hubby will have to move them so I can climb behind them....Yes, I have thought about just going around them and letting the next fool person who wants to move them discover my "artistic" paint job.

Yes, I do prep, but only so much. Painter's tape is useless because the walls are textured. My method is to get the big areas with a roller, do what I can even closer with a paint brush and then use an artist's (dinky) brush to get the line that touches the ceiling, doors and the base boards.

Oops...Sam is waking up...time to stop...the detail work will have to wait for another day.

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Jacksmom said...

Ha! I did an "artistic job" in two of our closets that are tiny and have vaulted ceilings. They had wire shelves up so high (I can't imagine what in the world they would put up that high) that I painted up to the bottom of it and called it done. Have fun!