Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is in Turkey this week with the guys.


The show starts off with a BANG!

The host, Chris Harrison, shows up at Ali's door and tells her that Justin, 26, a "professional wrestler".....has a girlfriend. Ali talks to the girlfriend on the phone and she admits this was all a scheme for his wrestling career. Ali confronts Justin and the CHICKEN takes off. Then when he finally finds his balls and talks to Ali, he still continues to lie through his teeth. The show even plays phone messages that he left his girlfriend, professing his love for her. Needless to say he is now gone! GOOD RIDDANCE!!! All the guys find out and bring up how they wanted to vote Justin out the first night!

Moving on....Ty, 31, medical sales, gets the first one-on-one date. They go to a BATHHOUSE! ICKY!!!! Ali even remarks that people have been "bathing here for 300 years." Yah...that is why I wouldn't bathe there if you paid me! Icky! Disease central! Why not go to a vomitorium for lunch, too!!!! Anyway, they kiss and he gets a ROSE! Still not in my top three, but he's ok!

Next, is a group date with Chris, Roberto, Kirk and Craig. So, to win alone time with Ali they have to OLIVE OIL WRESTLE, four Turkish guys and then each other. DOUBLE ICKY! Anyway...Craig wins and they watch fire works together. There is no kiss, but Craig is sure they have a connection...they don't.

Frank, 31, a retail manager, gets the last one-on-one date. They kiss as soon as they see each other. They shop in a Spice Bizarre. Frank ends up buying a $1000 rug. They eat lunch in a cistern (Yes, a large well...but it has candles....). They talk and Ali feels much closer to him and he gets the ROSE!

So, Ty and Frank are safe and Justin is gone. The others who get ROSES are:

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant...KEEPER!

Roberto, 26, an insurance agent, is a KEEPER!

Chris L, 33, is a landscaper. She keeps him, but I don't think he'll make it to the end.

Craig R, 27, is a lawyer is the one who is DUMPED! He's shocked, I'm not! I was right about him being booted this week.

So of the 5 guys left I would dump 2: Ty and Chris L. The only ones in the running for me are Frank, Roberto and Kirk, as they have been since the very beginning.

Join me next Monday night, when they all go to LISBON, PORTUGAL. The previews gave too much away though...Roberto, Ty and Frank making it to Tahiti, which must be after they go to Portugal. Then they show: Ali meeting Frank's family and Ali being really freaked out by someone's family because they are into taxidermy. The other major drama is that Frank says something very upsetting to Ali and they are both crying. Frank implodes and blows it! So, I think it will come down to Kirk, Ty and Roberto in the end.

Join me next Monday night to see if my predictions come true!

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Jacksmom said...

Good riddance to Justin is right!!!

Don't forget to watch the drama after this week's episode of the bachelorette-It is an interview with Jake and Vienna. *barf!*

Unfortunately I checked a reliable website and his sources are usually very credible. You are not going to like how this season ends anymore than I do.