Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is the new bachelorette!


Steve, 28, is a sales representative. Rather a dud! He tried to start something by making her a picnic, but with no alone time your fate is kind of already sealed. DUMPED!

John C, 32, is in hotel business development. Another dud. No chemistry or time together. DUMPED!


Roberto, 26, an insurance agent got the first one-on-one date this week. They flew in a helicopter and walked on wires between two buildings and then had dinner together. He is very sexy and there is a definite connection between the two. They kissed a lot and he got a rose to stay! Good choice!

As far as Ali's claim that she is afraid to fly...I think it's bunk!

The next was a group date with: Kirk, John C., Chris N., Frank, John, Craig, Justin, Jessie and Chris L. They made a music video with The Bare Naked Ladies. They each got a bit part to play with Ali, where most got to kiss her. Some of the parts were cute.

She got to slap Frank, be in a tub with John C, and in a bed with Kirk (which was very hot...they called cut repeatedly and they kept kissing).

The scene with Jonathan (the weatherman) was embarrassing. He was VERY nervous and even cried when the other guys teased him. What a baby!

At the rap party Chris L. explained that he got his tattoo for his mom when she died. Jonathan was again emotional and apologizing for the awkwardness at the shoot.... and she was kissing Kirk again in the hot tub. Which lands him a rose and safety. Good choice!

Then the next day Justin sneaks out of the mansion and walks a couple miles (on his cruches) down the street to Ali's house to see her. She is very impressed by this. Ali drives him home, but the other guys don't know yet.

That afternoon Hunter, 28, is an Internet account executive gets a one-on-one date with Ali and they spend time bar-b-cueing at her place. He says he'd gladly be a house husband for the right girl. No romance! He had every chance to make some move on her (They were in hot tub...what more do you want.). Why would you choose to find a wife though this avenue if you admit your a "slow mover." The kicker was when Ali said they could be "great friends." DUMPED!

At the rose ceremony, Justin, says a "professional wrestler" is on the road 5-6 days a week, but that he'd give it all up for the right girl. He spends the night trying to convince the guys that he is there for the right reason, but ends up crying in the dark, sulking because they are all against him.

Roberto tries to warn Ali about Justing and that is when she tells him about Justin walking down to her house. Roberto tells all the other guys and they are MAD. They blame Justin for taking time away form Hunter on his one-on-one date.

Frank, 31, a retail manager....I'm a sucker for a cute, geek! KEEPER!

Kasey, 27, an advertising account executive is also a hotty, but he talks like he's not cotton in his mouth....DUMP HIM!

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant...Beautiful smile! KEEPER!

Justin, 26, is a "professional wrestler".....need I say more. DUMP HIM!

Jonathan, 30, who is a weatherman, way too emotional! DUMP HIM!

Chris N, 29, an entrepreneur (unemployed). DUMP HIM!

Chris L, 33, is a landscaper. KEEPER for now!

Ty, 31, is in medical sales. KEEPER for now!

Craig R, 27, is a lawyer. DUMP HIM!

Jesse, 24, is a general contractor. DUMP HIM!

So of the 11 guys left I would dump 6. There are only 3 in the running for me: Frank, Roberto and Kirk!

Join me next Monday night to see if my predictions come true!

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happymomof2 said...

We are on the same page with dump/ keep! I was kind of disappointed with this weeks episode kind of boring. Oh well I am sure it will be getting more interesting as more and more are let go :)
A friend of mine watches they show-we both record it. Anyhoo she says this past week she watched it, rewinding A LOT and that Justin's cast kept switching legs!!! HUH?! I had heard rumors that it was all a ploy for sympathy? So of course this coming week I will be watching more closly!
Have a great weekend!