Friday, June 4, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is the new bachelorette! She started with 25 guys and after 2 weeks is now down to 14.

Of the 14 left, there are 4 that I really like:

Frank, 31, a retail manager, got the very first date. He's funny and cute and they really have a connection. I'm a sucker for a cute, geek!

Roberto, 26, an insurance agent is sexy, a great dancer and is not into the drama.

Kasey, 27, an advertising account executive is also a hotty. Love the eyes.

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant is on my short list of hopefuls too. Beautiful smile!

Then there is this guy, Justin, 26, that I really dislike. He's a "professional wrestler".....need I say more. He has a cast on his leg and he seems rather "smarmy." I wouldn't put it past him to have on a fake cast just to get attention.

Jonathan, 30, who is a weatherman, seemed really nice at first, but now I think he's a "whiner" and I hate whiners.

Sorry, Chris N, 29, who calls himself an entrepreneur. I have a real problem with guys who use this term. All the men that I met that call themselves an "entrepreneur" are really just unemployed. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The rest of these guys are just "so, so." Neither good or bad, but I could have got rid of them right away. I guess the show would be too short if you cut all these guys at once.

Chris L, 33, is a landscaper.

Hunter, 28, is an internet account executive.

Ty, 31, is in medical sales.

Craig R, 27, is a lawyer.

Steve, 28, is a sales representative.

John C, 32, is in hotel business development.

Jesse, 24, is a general contractor.

Join me next Monday night to see if my predictions come true!


Jacksmom said...

I liked Jonathan at first, but I agree, he is a whiner and I don't like that either.

I kind of liked Justin initially, I'm waiting to see more of how that goes. He could be in it for the fame and to get his face out there, I'll decide in the next few weeks.

I'm the same way with Frank, I like him, but he seems to eager (don't like that) to me in this last episode, so I'll decide how I feel about him more in the next few episodes.

Roberto looks much cuter in his picture than on the show I think. I really like his personality, not so much on the looks. And he is a GREAT dancer, I really like that!

Kasey reminds me look-wise of Jake from last season, good looking. But I couldn't pick him if I was her, I can't stand the way he talks. OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!!

She really seems to like Hunter too. I'm not big on him, he's not attractive, and I just think Frank and Roberto seem to be a better fit for her.

I kind of like Ty too. The rest of the guys are just so-so to me.

I thought about doing some blogs on the bachelorette too throughout the season like what I thought about the episodes, guys, etc., but I knew you'd do it. There may be some instances I just have to say something though.

Oh, by the way, did you notice that right before she gave the weatherman the rose, he had one on...if you recorded it go back and watch, it's sort of funny how they missed that in the editing.

happymomof2 said...

OH THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! My dvr messed up on Monday and didn't record:( I was out celebrating my 35th birthday and didn't know it wasn't recording. But now I know what happened:) Have you seen this weeks People magazine? There is an article with Ali and talks about some of the "DRAMA" that went on this season including some of your top men! Anyhoo thank you again and look forward to reading your take on this seasons Bachelorette.