Wednesday, May 26, 2010


June 3rd Literacy Day
June 7th Samuel's 18 month check up
June 11 Fieldtrip with 5th graders to Cliff's Amusement Park
June 15 Rainforest Animal Visit
June 18 Field Day
June 21 Decorate for Graduation
June 22 5th Grade Graduation
June 23 Last day of school

In the middle of all this I have to pack up the room I am in now so I can move closer to the other 5th grade classes. We will be starting a 5th grade academy next year. I will be teaching reading and social studies and other teachers will be teaching the other subjects and we will swapping kids every 40 minutes like they do in middle and high school.

I only have 3 weeks off for the summer and then the next school year starts on July 26th.

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Connie said...

Hey, whatever happened with the elimination of the year-round schedule?