Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I like using children's books in my teaching. The newest ones are listed below....

This one is the typical fairy tale of a knight trying to rescue a princess trapped in a tower.....BUT the twist is that the reader is told the illustrator is having a hard time finishing the next pages pictures because...."You are such a fast reader and you need to slow down so that the illustrator can finish." The story has to change because the illustrator doesn't have time to make the knights armor or get all the horses assembled, so the knights will have to wear tutus and ride giant fish. There are a lot of other "changes" too. It's a very cute book.

This one is about a little boy that continues to bother his Daddy to read more and more bedtime stories. Dad is so tired he leaves out words and the stories get shorter and shorter. I'm going to use this one to illustrate, to my 5th graders, why they need to put details in their writing.
This last one is hilarious! It illustrates "why, commas really DO make a difference." It shows the same sentence written two different ways, with a picture, showing what that sentence means. For instance: Slow, children crossing (Slow down because the children are crossing the street.) and Slow children crossing (The slow children are crossing the street.).

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anymommy said...

I'm always looking for new books for my kids. Love the recommendations. I read the adult version of the comma book and loved it. Realized how many mistakes I make!