Thursday, March 25, 2010


Does anyone know why I'm NOT getting the notifications about comments waiting to be moderated, sent to my e-mail anymore? Now I just see that I have them waiting on my dashboard.

Next year, the 5th grade teachers at my school are hoping to do a 5th grade academy. Basically it would mean that we would each teach reading and one other subject, instead of all the subjects and the kids would rotate around to our classrooms (....kind of what students do in mid and high schools).

Do any of your elementary schools do this model? If so I would really appreciate examples of schedules being e-mailed to me, so we can get ideas of how to plan this.

We have to fit in their p.e., library and computer times during the week and figure out how to get them to their specials (resource room, speech, OT, PT etc.) also. It's getting a little confusing.


birthmothertalks said...

I think my oldest son changed classes half way through the day in the fifth grade. I miss the days when middle school didn't start until 7TH grade though.

Kristi B said...

I teach at the jr high, but our intermediate school (4th and 5th) grade does something similar.

This is the link to one of our teacher's websites. It has her homeroom's schedule on it. Don't know if it will help. I'm gonna keep researching our teachers' schedules.
I have no idea what ARM is though?? This teacher only teaches reading, language arts (writing) and social studies. One of the other teachers in the grade only teaches math and science. Hope it helps some!

Kristi B said...

Found some more info! Apparently they have a Blue Group and a Green Group (not our school colors - not sure what that's about).
Scroll all the way to the bottom on this one -

Rebekah said...

Can't help you with the school thing or blog thing, really. But, wanted to say that my blogger has been strange too. I only see comments waiting for moderation when there's two or more. If one is sent through it stays hidden to me until another one comes through.