Friday, March 12, 2010


Samuel had his 15 month check-up today. Only one shot needed, but he screamed like a hell-cat.

He's in the 92% for his head circumference, 50% for his height: 30 3/4 inches, but only the 5% for his weight: 20 lbs, 14 oz. He's such a little boy!

Doctors concerns:

1. Samuel will only drink around 8 oz. of whole milk a day and he should be getting 16-24 oz. So, he will be taking a vitamin D supplement once a day now.

2. Samuel has progressed with his motor skills. He crawls on his knees now and stands and moves around furniture, holding on, but doesn't walk independently. So the doctor wants to wait about a month or so and then if he's still not walking by himself, she wants us to get him some physical therapy.

He's made a lot of progress in the past 2 months. Personally, I just think he's taking his own sweet time!

Any advice from the readers out there?


Headless Mom said...

I agree with you.

Shannan said...

oh gosh physical therapy already?? I agree with you..he is just taking life at "tracey speed"...nice and easy.
Unless there are other physical factors I don't know about then he should be fine!
Love that head size!!

birthmothertalks said...

Is he hitting all his other milestones on time? My son wasn't walking at 15 months but also wasn't talking. Early intervention helped him quite a bit.

happymomof2 said...

I agree that each child has his own "speed" at which they do things. Like the other comments- does he have any other milestones that he is not hitting? Is he standing independently? When he is "cruising" does he hold onto stuff with one or two hands? How does he do with push toys and ride on toys?Does he talk; does he feed himself finger foods/ drink from a sippy cup without assistance; is he social with kids his own age etc...? I ask this as a mom but also as an experienced developmental interventionist.I am not trying to scare you or try to diagnosis him but as is my experice you have to look at the whole picture.

Kris said...

I don't think contacting EI would be a bad idea. They could provide you with some different exercises, etc. to help strengthen his legs so he can just take off.

As far as you warm it? My DD STILL won't drink milk unless it is warm. In fact, she needs it warmed for 48 seconds, while another friend of hers needs it 52 and another needs it 49. Isn't that funny? They pretty much all like it at the same temp!

Megan said...

I am a physical therapist assistant and I agree with happymomof2. What other things is he doing? I used to work with kids and helped many kids to crawl or walk. Generally, I went to a child's home 2 days a week and worked for 45-60 min with the child usually with mom or dad or a nurse (some of the kids I saw were very severely compromised), explaining things as need be. A lot of times when it was a situation like this, where he's behind on a milestone or two, I usually would only see the child for a couple of months (especially when the parents are very involved!).

Becky said...

My son didn't walk until he was nearly 17 months. The pedi was not concerned but as a first time mom, I was a little. I called Early Childhood Intervention to come out and assess him. It's free so, why not? They said he was on target and all seemed fine. That he just seemed more cautious and I think that was his personality. Two weeks after they saw him, he just took off.
I don't understand physical therapy in the context I would consider PT unless there are physical, developmental concerns.

Does he walk pushing a walker? That is what got our 3rd walking quickly was pushing toys. Will he walk with you holding one of his hands?
The 'normal' window is up until 18 months, I think, isn't it?j

He is such a cutie pie!!!! I know that you must be enjoying him soooo much!!

Richele said...

like becky said, our ped said up to 18 months for walking. mine are all a bit slow-going with walking, but they're up to speed with everything else so i haven't been concerned.

and echoing kris, two of my three have to have their milk warmed or they won't drink it. i also get lots of yogurt in, make oatmeal with milk, smash up sweet potatoes and other veggies with milk, and feed them cheerios in milk.