Monday, February 15, 2010


Last month I was moaning because Samuel WOULD NOT eat any food besides whole milk and level 3 baby food.

This month...I am overjoyed....I still have to cut the food into small pieces (of course), mush, a little and he still won't put anything but a Cheerio in his own mouth (I put everything else in there.), but he will now eat....DRUM ROLL, PLEASE........

cottage cheese
ice cream
mandarin oranges
fish sticks
honey dew melon
macaroni & cheese
brown beans
kidney beans
black beans
Spaghetti O's

....and basically anything I am snacking on he wants to try...doesn't always like it...but he reaches for it and wants some initially.

He doesn't drink very much, though....the sippy cup is still something just to play with and he'll only drink about 6-8 ounces of whole milk a day and not all at once. After he's had maybe 4 ounces he pushes the bottle away...I say pushes because he won't hold this on his own either...he could, but he won't! We try juices every once in awhile, but he doesn't really like these much.

Still a work in progress......


Such The Spot said...

That's a big step! Way to go Samuel.

Kris said...

I understand a kid who doesn't drink. We have the same's SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I'm constantly putting the cup in her mouth...and now, the straw. She's finally using a straw and loves to drink out of that's progress!!! But it's taken a LONG time!

BB said...

Have you tried different types of sippy cups or taking out the little rubber thing to get it to flow faster? It makes a bigger mess, but maybe he is just impatient with the slow flow. I haven't tried either of these things, but I am having the same trouble so I am going to!! Update us when you get something that works right!

I am glad that Samuel is eating better! Riley went a week without eating much of anything and it was so STRESSFUL! Like everyone told me, she went right back to normal after a little bit!! SHe now just seems to be a little funny about textures (i.e. cottage cheese).

Connie said...

Tracey, I had the best luck with sippy cups with straws. Living in the desert, I didn't want to mess with the kids not getting enough fluids. They seemed to hydrate more with the straw cups.

Becky said...

I was told to try the straw cups with J when he wouldn't or couldn't suck from a sippy. Didn't work with him. But, the Nuby cups, with the really soft lids and spouts are what got him started. Feels like bottle nipples and easier to suck from. After he had that down, we moved to the kind you have pictured no problem.

That is great that he is eating so well now!!! Some babies have texture issues and I think some take longer to mash with their gums than others. He's getting it!

Sharon said...

WOW...that's wonderful! Way to go Samuel!!

Will he drink water? My daughter never took to the sippy cup. She went right to a small kids cup and then started drinking from a water bottle with the squirt top.

I'm glad to hear how well he is eating. One big step for Samuel and one big relief for momma! :o)