Saturday, February 20, 2010


Mrs. Bluebird at Bluebird's Classroom recently posted about the Obnoxious Folder.

The end of the story goes something like this...."So Elf Mom, who promised she'd watch him put all the homework she sees him do every night into his folder...hasn't even managed to do that for one single day. Not one. Two weeks now and the only thing this folder is getting is banged up from going in and out of the backpack every day.

(Any guess on who's going to be held accountable for this kid's education? Let me clue you won't be him and it won't be his mom.)"

...the beginning of the story is great too!

The Not-So-Master Teacher says,...."For example, take dinner time. Each week, I have my children take a test. Those who have reached the top get more food. Those who fail it . . . well, I don't exactly starve them. But I give them just enough food to stay alive. It's a motivational tool." go read the rest...this guy is priceless!

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