Friday, February 5, 2010


A quote from Shannan.

"Ruby had a preschool assignment a few weeks ago where there was a picture of her in the middle of a paper and she was supposed to put a picture of her mom on one side and her dad on the other and then write about the physical traits she got from us. Hmmmm. What to do? For one second I thought we'd just put me and Joe down and talk about the things she was learning from us.

But then I did the right thing.

Ruby and I pulled out all the pictures we have of A and talked about her mom and dad in Ghana. She chose her favorite two pictures and glued them next to hers on the paper. We talked about the things that we thought she got from her mom and what she could have gotten from her dad. She was so happy to talk about it and was so proud to put those pictures on her paper! My picture didn't make it on the page even though I am her mommy....but that was the truth what we did. We didn't pretend that she got anything from me....she didn't...except maybe the temper she is developing now! She got lots of great things from her mom and dad in Ghana and she was proud to talk about it and I was thrilled to make her so happy.

That is how an open adoption affects makes me and my kids happy, even if no one else understands.

I am so thankful for D and A and I am very grateful we have open adoptions. It isn't always easy but it is totally 100% worth it."


Shannan said...

Wow...she sounds so amazing. I bet she is a perfect mother. She would NEVER sit in her pajamas blogging while her kids run wild. :) I hope everyone knows that for every good decision we make there were probably 15 mistakes that got us there. Thanks Tracey!

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