Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Go to SUPAH MOMMY to link up. If you want to create your own use SUPER STICKIES. Here are mine:


Emmi said...

Love your post-its! Especially the dog ones. I think I'll let my dog read them. Following from Supah Mommy's page!

Come visit when you get a chance.

emmi @ mommy's free time


Jenners said...

Sounds like you got a dog with insomnia ... perhaps if he stopped sleeping in the doorway all day, he wouldn't get up to star gaze!

And I do think there is a special clock somewhere for repair people ... it runs about 5 hours after the rest of our clocks. They are on Repairman Daylight Savings Time or something.

Brittney said...

they didnt give you a bag?? omg!! lol!!!

Slurkin' Stasha said...

stoppin' by from Supah's...

Oh you gotta love when the dog sleeps in the doorway and you get up in the middle of the night, only to trip over said dog... Can be a hospital visit in the making... LOL